A.G. “Terry” Newmyer III

A. G. Newmyer III, known as “Terry,” is a private investor and a professional trustee and fiduciary. He founded U. S. Fiduciary Advisors, LLC – a network of seasoned individuals who serve in a variety of capacities as fiduciaries – in 1999, sold the company a decade later, and continues as trustee for a number of families. He has served as president and CEO of the family’s foundation.

Prior to forming his fiduciary company, Mr. Newmyer ran a Washington-based consultancy that advised major corporations on public policy developments and their programs in the political arena to achieve their objectives. Twenty years ago, he sold Newmyer Associates to a group of investors headed by Hon. Frank Carlucci, former Secretary of Defense and chairman of The Carlyle Group.

Mr. Newmyer serves on a variety of private sector and philanthropic boards. He has a long-standing and passionate interest in the evolution of our nation’s health care system. He was founding chairman of The Fair Care Foundation, a patients’ rights organization based in Washington, and is a member of the board of The Epilepsy Foundation.

Mr. Newmyer has four children and lives in Palm Beach County, Florida, and in Maine.